Software Systems Lab

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Primary Research Publications

Dissertation and Thesis

Other Research Publications (Domestic conference papers, posters, abstracts, etc.
  • Jangsoo Lee, and Young-Woo Kwon, "Flexible Continuous Integration for Dissimilar and Dynamic Execution Environments," KCC 2018, 6/2018. (Best paper runner-up)
  • Byeonguk Choi, Wongyu Lee, Jaewoong Kim and Young-Woo Kwon, "Performance and Reliability Analysis of Heterogeneous Devices and Sensors to Detect Earthquakes," KCC 2018, 6/2018.
  • Jangsoo Lee, and Young-Woo Kwon, "A search engine to identify vulnerable IoT devices," KICS 2018, 1/2018. (Best presentation runner-up)