Intelligent Systems Lab

Research Overview 
My research interests lie in creating innovative software solutions that can facilitate the development and evolution of complex Computer Systems. Specifically, my research explores how a combination of novel software system architectures, automated software tools, and empirically derived programming guidelines can assist the programmer in developing and optimizing modern software, especially in the area of Mobile Computing. Thus, my work is on the Systems end of Software Engineering, spanning Distributed Systems, Mobile Applications, Energy-Efficient Software, and Automated Program Transformation. In my thesis research, I have explored novel solutions to the problem of improving the quality of service of mobile applications by leveraging advanced software engineering techniques (e.g., program analysis, automated program transformation, adaptive middleware, etc.). The focus on mobile applications and state-of-the-art software technologies increases the potential impact on real-world software systems and development practices.

Funding Sponsors (current and past)

Energy-Efficient Mobile Software 

1. [IEEE Computer] Cloud-Based Execution to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Mobile     Applications, Eli Tilevich and Young-Woo Kwon*, IEEE Computer01/2014.

2. [ICSM 13] Reducing the Energy Consumption of Mobile Applications Behind the Scenes, Young-Woo Kwon* and Eli Tilevich, 29th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, 09/2013.

3. [INFSOF 13] The Impact of Distributed Programming Abstractions on Application Energy Consumption, Young-Woo Kwon* and Eli Tilevich, Information and Software Technology, volume 55, issue 9, 09/2013.

4. [ICDCS 12] Energy-Efficient and Fault-Tolerant Distributed Mobile Execution, Young-Woo Kwon* and Eli Tilevich, 32nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 06/2012.

 Middleware and Distributed Systems

1. [MESOCA 11] A Declarative Approach to Hardening Services Against QoS Vulnerabilities, Young-Woo Kwon*and Eli Tilevich, 5th IEEE International Workshop on the Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented and Cloud-Based Systems (co-located with ICSM 2011), 09/2011.

2. [SOCA 11] Which Middleware Platform Should You Choose for Your Next Remote Service? Young-Woo Kwon*, Eli Tilevich, and William R. Cook, Springer Journal on Service Oriented Computing and Applications, volume. 5, issue. 2, 06/2011.

3. [SCC 10] An Assessment of Middleware Platforms for Accessing Remote Services, Young-Woo Kwon*, Eli Tilevich, and William R. Cook, 7th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, 07/2010.

4. [MIDDLEWARE 09] Hardening distributed components with network volatility resiliency, Young-Woo Kwon*, Eli Tilevich, and Taweesup Apiwattanapong, ACM/IFIP/USENIX 10th International Middleware Conference, 12/2009.

Automated Software Refactoring

1. [ASEJ] Cloud Refactoring: Automated Transitioning to Cloud-Based Services, Young-Woo Kwon* and Eli Tilevich, Automated Software Engineering Journal, 2014 

- University of Nebraska, Omaha, Dr. Myoungkyu Song 
- Louisiana State University, Dr. Seungwon Yang 
- University of Alabama, Huntsville, Dr. Haeyong Chung 
- Virginia Tech, Software Innovations Lab
Deutsche Telekom Silicon Valley Innovation Center 
- University of California, Berkeley's Seismology Department 


Program Chair

  • ACM Student Research Competition 2015
  • ACM Student Research Competition 2016
  • ACM Student Research Competition 2017
  • Program Committee

  • Mobile! 2016
  • Middleware 2016
  • Middleware 2015
  • MobileDeli 2015
  • GPCE 2015
  • MobileDeli 2014